Simulations of the orbital position of 2004 XR-190 (aka Buffy)

I rendered these animations for Dr. Brett Gladman of UBC's Physics and Astronomy Dept. to accompany a news brief that went out about the discovery of a new object beyond the orbit of Neptune in a region called the Kuiper Belt (see story).

click to playplaying  Video 1 - Buffy Simulation

This 3D simulation video depicts Buffy's orbit in relation to the 9 classic planets and various other Kuiper Belt objects. Pluto had not yet been demoted as a planet when this story hit the news. It is because of the discoveries of Buffy and various other Pluto-like Kuiper Belt objects, that its status as a planet was questioned. Should we consider all of these objects as planets, or should Pluto, with the rest of them, be considered Dwarf Planets.

click to playplaying  Video 2 - The Daily Planet (excerpt)

A clip from The Daily Planet broadcast Dec 14, 2005. A short report about Buffy, featuring the simulation.

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